General Meetings

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​Weekly general meetings will be held in the Gonda Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center—First Floor Conference Room (1357) on Wednesdays, 6-7 PM. 

Steps to Becoming A Member

  1. Short member application
  2. Complete the Publicity Release Form
  3. Print and complete the Risk Agreement Form

These forms do not have to be completed to attend General Meetings, just before site visits!​

Active Membership


  • 7 General Meetings​
  • 2 Events
  • Socials/Fundraisers: 2
  • Active Membership in at least 1 Committee


  • Virtual Site Visits
  • Mentorship Program

Active Members List

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year! This quarter, InterAxon received the highest member turnout ever! We want to especially thank our active members who dedicated their time to our club and to the schools we visit. We cannot wait to continue seeing more members join and receive active membership!

Winter 2024

Andrea Martinez
Ania Sokolowska
Carolina Gura
Charley Walsh
Charlotte Wolf
Claire Sabol
Ekta Patel
Elena Kong
Eugene Choi
Joan Thyagarajan
Jonathan Chung
Karissa Pertler
Katarina Povinec
Lucy Gomez
Luke Gonzalez
Olivia Fong
Ria Rao
Samantha Hamilton
Sarah Schweitzer
Seema Thapa
Talia Emrani

2022-2023 Active Members

Alex Yeghikian, Aliya Van Aardenne, Andy Au, Ania Mraovic, Arden Napoli , Catarina Gerges, Christian Lee, Claire Sabol, Eli Weiss-Hung, Emma Yang,, Esmeralda Menjivar, Gabby Vilchez, Halle Fink, Harshikasai Kellampalli, Isabel Pon, Julian Fiore, Julianna Ehm, Kelechi Onwuzurike, Lauren Hsieh, Lauren Wall, Marie Voskanyan, Monica Guirgus, Nicole Oliva, Nikki Chen, Olivia Fong, Sarah Lee, Shanning Zhou, Shreyas Mytri, Suhas Yarra, Varsha Ravi, Yubin Lee, Yuka Nakayama

InterAxon is a student group that was founded in 2006 by an undergraduate student, Shanna Fang, right after she took one of the first Project Brainstorm as part of the undergraduate neuroscience program.