Interaxon has a total collection of almost 30 posters that cover various topics in Neuroscience. On site, our trained members present a multitude of poster boards, each with its own unique topic and set of activities!

Below are some of our favorites.​


This poster explains how companies and brands use neuroscience to market their products. It shows how consumers make choices, what goes through a person’s brain when they decide to buy something or pick one…

Sleep Poster


Describes why we need sleep and the relationship between sleep and the brain.

Brain Computer Interface

This poster outlines the ways in which artificial intelligence interacts with the brain. We go over the various ways technology can allows brains to communicate with computers and even other brains!


Explains feelings of fear and the fear response on the scientific level.


This poster is about how our brain memorizes people, places, and things and the difference between short term and long term memory.

Spinal Cord

This poster goes over the biology and various conditions of the spinal cord.


Presenter performs and explains various magic tricks. Poster focuses on psychological phenomena that magicians use in their craft.


This poster goes over what a microscope is and ways to use a microscope.

InterAxon is a student group that was founded in 2006 by an undergraduate student, Shanna Fang, right after she took one of the first Project Brainstorm as part of the undergraduate neuroscience program.